Re: Two top firms!

ian hope (2E0IJH)

Had rodger go out of way for us in past, even send a Coaxial relay on express to the field day site

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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Two top firms!
I’d like to add Roger at the DX Shop, my HF amp failed after 4 years of use. Described the fault, Roger told me what to look for, turned out it was the switching diodes, Roger shipped me the parts within a day, wouldn’t accept any money for them..., others could copy.
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Just like to share some very good customer service experiences from firms microwavers tend to use. Firstly SG labs transverter repair, sent to them before Xmas came back early Jan no charge despite purchasing it over two years ago. Secondly Leo bodnar, purchased gpsdo which was defective they sent me a replacement in a day despite me not having returned the original  that is what I call looking after your customers!

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