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John E. Beech

Probably because GR3SEK is a fictional station and all his/her contacts are fiction too! I assume that was a typo and you
meant G3SEK aka GM3SEK. The same comments apply to him and GD stations who are in the same square. Ian's square
does not have any completely wet ( ie. inactive) square adjacent to him & the ones that are adjacent have relatively
large populations in them.

de John G8SEQ

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You say the bonus system skews the results in favour of central
stations ... so tell me again why GR3SEK

won the open section this month? The GD stations always do well etc .

Without the squares bonus, I would tend to point the antenna in the
direction of best unworked density. For me, that would mean mostly SE,
mopping up between E and S when I had worked most of it. The
squares/countries encourages me to try for the PA, E, GD and GM .. and
spend time pointing at Cornwall to see if I will be lucky.

On Thu, 21 Jan 2021 at 19:34, John E. Beech <> wrote:

> I take your point Conrad,
> It seems to me that the points system is at fault with the UKAC
> contests. Scoring is the same
> for VHF NFD and UKAC ie 1 point per kilometre. It is the bonus
> system that skews the results in favour of central
> stations. East coast stations north of Essex are at the most
> disadvantaged because there is a non-scoring wet square to
> their east, unless contacts with /MM stations are available ( not
> likely). This might also apply to GI stations. Perhaps 100
> points for the four adjacent squares & then 500 for any squares
> beyond that would work better, but this is starting to
> look like 50 k radius rings, but it would bring into play inactive
> wet squares for Midlands stations. Or maybe just dump
> the bonus system?
> de John G8SEQ
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>> Hi John.
>> We were talking about the UKAC and the 500 pts per square bonus.
> VHF NFD is a very different animal. It is points
> per km and the closer you are to the SE coast the better off you
> will be. That is because it is very well supported in PA,
> ON, DL, OK etc.
>> Completely different and your findings do not surprise me at all.
>> I will say it again, the guys on the SE coast are not winning the
> UKAC. There are 2 stations in IO92 that do
> consistently well and 3 in IO74. The rules are better for UK
> activity.
>> 73
>> Conrad

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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