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Conrad, PA5Y

Hi John.

We were talking about the UKAC and the 500 pts per square bonus. VHF NFD is a very different animal. It is points per km and the closer you are to the SE coast the better off you will be. That is because it is very well supported in PA, ON, DL, OK etc.

Completely different and your findings do not surprise me at all.

I will say it again, the guys on the SE coast are not winning the UKAC. There are 2 stations in IO92 that do consistently well and 3 in IO74. The rules are better for UK activity.



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With reference to Conrads comment below about being in the middle of England to win we found the opposite.
Many years ago our contest group, Three Spires did a statistical survey of points scored of all the stations that entered VHF NFD over several years. The analysis showed that teams sited in the middle of England were severely disadvantaged because the majority of stations worked were nearby. The winning stations were usually sited on the East Coast of England because they scored more points for stations in the rest of UK and had access to the continent and were more likely to have ducting over the sea.
After that survey we stopped using our Warwickshire site and tried Cadwell Park, Isle of Sheppy and the Quantocks (to be as far away as possible from rest of UK and continent) & still be easy to get to from Coventry. We also tried a site on the Welsh border for same reasons. We did operate once or twice from Dunstable Downs when we joined forces with the Aeriel Group (BBC)
We entered the open section with high gain beam antennas AND omnidirectional antennas for some bands, the theory being as we were running high power it would keep the rest of the UK of "our" frequency & we could hear them calling us while still beaming power towards the dx.
Later after the group disbanded we formed CARSCOG and operated in the restricted section with single antennas so I opted for all omni antennas.
Nowadays I only appear in contests to give away points but you have got to work for them because I only run QRP.

I think at the time of our survey scoring was in 50 km radius circles, so if you were where we were(Coventry
Area) nearly everything you work ie the Midlands was worth only one point. Later when they introduced 6m that skewed everything and you could win a contest on 6m alone scores if there was an Es opening provided you put an entry in on the other bands. 4m didn't have this effect as only UK, NI, Eire, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Iceland had access to 4m & it was rare to work the latter three & not many people had 4m Equipment in UK or Ireland.
I think points per kilometre was an attempt to rectify this imbalance.

I have an idea to make contests more interesting and closer to the original purpose of VHF NFD which could also work on UHF/SHF band contests. But I'm not going into that now - got to cook dinner!

de John G8SEQ

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The best place to be is in the
middle. I don’t see any SE UK stations winning it. That was in the
old days.

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