Re: Rain Scatter

John E. Beech

Surely there must be a T number in the range 1-9 that covers modulation due to rainscatter? Or has everyone got
fivenininenineitis? The only time I believe 599 is when I operate modes like PSK31 becuase if the signal isn't T9 you don't
get any meaningful decodes.

de John G8SEQ

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I have received reports like 54S - but not sure if S is acceptable in
contest reporting or other computerised logging schemes as a tone


On 19/01/21 16:50, Clive Elliott GW4MBS via wrote:

> Shows how the special fence post & the Baofeng helps keep things on
> track. Nice rain this afternoon copying GB3KBQ, GB3SCX & personal
> beacon of GW4NOS.
> Then the strongest signals I've yet heard from G4UVZ Taunton 59 SSB
> stronger at times than the 2m signal we also worked on CW 599.
> But to give the report T9 always seems anomalous on rain scatter in
> particular. I believe contacts via aurora can be suffixed A eg 59A
> on SSB or 599A on CW. Does anyone qualify the tone part of the
> report with say R & if so is this in addition to say 599R or 59R? Or
> is there any point in doing it as it may be a complication for what
> may already may be a weak signal exchange & why CW was being used
> anyway?
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> Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
> Pottering on 6m - 3cm in a valley in IO71XW where any QSO is a
> triumph of optimism over geography!

vry 73

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