Re: Rain Scatter

Pete - GM4BYF

I have received reports like 54S - but not sure if S is acceptable in contest reporting or other computerised logging schemes as a tone report.

On 19/01/21 16:50, Clive Elliott GW4MBS via wrote:

Shows how the special fence post & the Baofeng helps keep things on track. Nice rain this afternoon copying GB3KBQ, GB3SCX & personal beacon of GW4NOS.

Then the strongest signals I've yet heard from G4UVZ Taunton 59 SSB stronger at times than the 2m signal we also worked on CW 599.

But to give the report T9 always seems anomalous on rain scatter in particular. I believe contacts via aurora can be suffixed A eg 59A on SSB or 599A on CW. Does anyone qualify the tone part of the report with say R & if so is this in addition to say 599R  or 59R? Or is there any point in doing it as it may be a complication for what may already may be a weak signal exchange & why CW was being used anyway?
Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
Pottering on 6m - 3cm in a valley in IO71XW where any QSO is a triumph of optimism over geography!

vry 73

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