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Dear Paul,

I would n’t waste much of your time on this: return the antenna as not fit for purpose and ask for a refund.

Me too. 

My radio club had an issue with two Innovantennas antenna.

1) 10 element 2 m OWL fell to bits, as the 3/4” x 3/4” boom had been drilled for 1/2” elements.😢😢😢

2) We got offered a discount on a 17 2 m element antenna, but it was blinding obvious that was poorly designed mechanically. 

In the end, our club Secretary wrote a letter, requesting a full refund on the second antenna, which we received. 

I see a claim that they Innovantennas are using HFSS, but I think a better investment would have been a basic book on mechanical engineering!😂😂  You don’t need expensive 3D EM simulation software package to tell you that drilling 1/2” holes in a 3/4” square boom. 

There seems an obsession of antenna companies to use expensive simulation software, but they ignore the mechanical aspects. 

You can search for books on antennas, and find thousands on the RF aspects, but there’s very little about construction. Look for books on wind resistance, and there’s loads on buildings and bridges, but next to nothing on antennas.😢😢 


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