Re: Airscout!

Conrad, PA5Y

Thanks Julian, I will give that a try this evening.



From: <> on behalf of Julian - M0UGA via <>
Sent: 18 January 2021 06:13
To: <>
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Airscout!
Hello Conrad,

To keep the Airscout window on top of any other window use a little utility called "Always on Top"

Either Google it or download direct here:-

After virus scanning etc run the utility.

Now when the Airscout window is open and the Always on Top utility is running, simply click the Airscout window's title bar to bring the focus to it and then on your keyboard press Ctrl and the spacebar together at the same time. The Airscout window will now overlay any other window that is opened but can still be minimised or closed as required.

Regarding SDRC depending on the version you are running (latest?) try reverting to v3.0.24 and try your system again. I had a similar problem on an older machine when Simon released v3.0.25.

Do not fear, you won't lose any saved memories, markers or settings by doing so.

I'm sure these two solutions will solve your problem.



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