Re: Help with Tektronixs 492 S.A. PSU fault.

geoffrey pike

Hi Nick,
Aren't Tantalum caps great!, they always fail. There is nothing worse than a board with no tants on it. I assume the 492 is awkward to work at there was a mention of extender boards previously!. The HP analysers of the 80s have fold out boards,
but some of the older ones in HP182 mainframes are not easy to work with. Hope it keeps going for you

On Saturday, 16 January 2021, 11:07:11 GMT, Nick Gregory G0HIK via <nickg0hik@...> wrote:

I didn't know there was group. I'll join that when it fails next time. The heart always misses a beat when you switch on 1980's test kit.

Nick G0HIK

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