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Conrad, PA5Y

Alan, I think that I will do exactly that. My distance vision remains excellent and a 4-x magnification illuminated lamp or even some 4 x magnification glasses are fine for soldering and I have a microscope for the small stuff.  I don't get headaches when doing this, only when reading. 

I do like the idea of Dubus in its present form and its strange smelling ink, but I need to do something that's for sure.

 I use Sony Xperia tablet for reading pdfs and I have not dropped it yet 🙂


Conrad PA5Y

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Conrad If you have reached that state, can I seriously suggest (if you have not done it) it is the time to dump cheap reading glasses and get a full eyetest and prescription glasses. I reached that state about 10 years ago finding I was getting acute eyestrain using standard readng glasses. I found I had astigmatismin my left eye. After getting prescription corrected glasses  I found I could read much more easily though a good light was an advantage, but I no longer felt eyestrain or headaches. I do not need distance glasses yet.
Like many of the other I cannot read technical text easily from a screen. A paper copy also makes less noise when it hits the floor than the laptop, when I fall asleep :-))
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I used to feel the same way, but the fact is that I no longer get any enjoyment from Dubus. The print is simply too small for me to read. So, what should I do? Ask for a pdf so that I can enlarge the text to a comfortable size or just not renew? Dubus has an aging readership and I am quite sure that I am not the only one struggling. I could buy a big magnifying table lamp I suppose. I can't get on with higher magnification reading glasses, they give me headache.

Just a by-product of getting older.


Conrad PA5Y

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I enjoy getting the paper copy ... there is something "different" about having it in tangible form.  PDF is nice but people will tend to share them, which kills the revenue and eventually, kills the magazine ...

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I will renew my subscription, but I feel that it is about time that a PDF version was made available. I find it increasingly difficult to read as my eyesight worsens. Does anyone else feel the same way?


Conrad PA5Y

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An excellent magazine - well-worth subscribing to.
And you can use it to practice your German too - all articles appear in both languages.


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The usual reminder that, if you wish to received DUBUS Magazine in 2021, subscriptions are due.

UK readers can find all the necessary details at

Non UK readers should look at

Any questions, please contact me off list at dubus@...



Roger Blackwell  GM4PMK

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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