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Renewed my subscription before Christmas!

I enjoy getting a magazine although 31 years of them is starting to take up a noticeable amount of space on the bookshelves.

I used to get QST in paper then switched to online only simply for the cost and space saving. The format was such you could, with a bit of program-foo convert it to PDF (albeit 300MB per magazine) for my own use. I was happy with that as I could read my QSTs on any computer/tablet I had.  Then ARRL changed the format to something horrific with animated page turning and rustling noises that was not portable and needed an online connection to display.  That's when I cancelled QST. I don't mind a company protecting its assets but if I cannot access what I have paid for in way that suits my needs then they don't get my money.  And yes, I'm sure I wasn't the only person who figured out how to get the old QST digital format converted to PDF and some people will have been making copies available so I don't blame ARRL for changing to a more protected form. Just the version they choose was so horrible. Perhaps I should have bought an iPad and it would have been lovely and it was just the Windows version that sucked. The ARRL viewer app would not run on my old Android tablet.


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I will renew my subscription, but I feel that it is about time that a PDF version was made available. I find it increasingly difficult to read as my eyesight worsens. Does anyone else feel the same way?


Conrad PA5Y

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An excellent magazine - well-worth subscribing to.
And you can use it to practice your German too - all articles appear in both languages.


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The usual reminder that, if you wish to received DUBUS Magazine in 2021, subscriptions are due.

UK readers can find all the necessary details at

Non UK readers should look at

Any questions, please contact me off list at dubus@...



Roger Blackwell  GM4PMK

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