PicKit3 Annoyance on close down

Andy G4JNT

Ever since I got the latest version, the Standalone PicKit 3 software installed on my laptop Win 10 machine  always had this annoying habit of locking up with an error message whenever it was closed down.   The same thing didn't happen on my Win 7 desktop.  I mainly use the latter for programming PICs, so never tried to solve the problem - it didn't affect operation of the software, just ending it.

After Charlie G3WDG reported exactly the same issue on his Win7 installation, I thought it was worth investigating.   The error message reported that it "could not write to PicKit3.ini" in the  install folder.

The solution was to create a blank file of that name in the installation folder ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\PiCkit 3 v3\  or similar )  then run the PicKit3 S/W.   This time it closed down properly and saved the settings, including a last-used files list and various menu selections I prefer. 

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