Re: [Scatterpoint] File /SP2012-A4.pdf uploaded #file-notice


Hello Ben,

This is not new. It has been in place since the MoD had to relocate some of their systems into the region around 2320MHz (we share much of the 13cm band with the MoD and they used to use parts we did not use until more spectrum was required by the mobile phone companies meaning the MoD had to move frequencies).

Details are required so that an amateur operator who causes interference to the MoD can be contacted quickly by OFCOM.

I live only a few km from Boscombe Down in Wiltshire and I have to comply with additional restrictions such that from May to October inclusive I can not operate on the 13cm band between sunrise and sunset on 'office' days, which for example means I miss up to the first hour and a half of the Tuesday UKAC SHF (13cm) contest.

73 Neil G4LDR

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