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Brian Howie GM4DIJ

In message <>, militaryoperator via <> writes
 and to take part on 2320MHz that they must register their station with
Ofcom by emailing to provide the following
information: 1. Name 2. Address 3. Call sign 4. Location of use 5.
Frequency range used 6. Type of use 7. Regularity of use (e.g. evenings
and weekends; 24/7; occasional) 8. Transmit power (ie. EIRP) . 

Is this new?   I knew about NOV for 2300 but we need to tell Ofcom for
2320 as well?

whats 6?  type of use? 

Yes we do, but it's not an NOV. I've had to do it for home location, my /A and /P locations in IO74. For 6 I put down "microwave propagation experiments".

It causes a bit of a problem for the SOTA 13cm enthusiasts with all the sites involved.

Brian GM4DIJ
Brian Howie

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