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Andy G4JNT

Don't forget we can reduce teh bandwidth
The age of the universe is about 13.7 GY, so we could signal in a bandwidth as low as 2.3 AHz  , or -176dBHz

On Tue, 12 Jan 2021 at 17:24, Richard GD8EXI <perwick@...> wrote:
Andy it shows what we could work if we to were licensed to run about 200dBW and not limited to 26dBW.

NB only a rough estimate of the output power of the quasar, anybody got a more accurate figure?


On 12/01/2021, 15:55, "Andy G4JNT" <andy.g4jnt@...> wrote:

Re Brian G8CUB's question in latest Scatterpoint
Free Space Path loss at 1.42GHz for 2.5 Billion LY = 
32.4 +  20.LOG(1.42 * 2.5E9 * 365.2422 * 86400) = 373dB
(GHz,  Lyears,  Days/year,  seconds/day)

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