Re: not hearing 13cm GB3MHz anymore

Rien Eradus PA0JME

Yes, but the tower is just some 250m away hi, wil try to test with a local station in Belgium tomorrow at 25km

73es Rien

Op 10-1-2021 om 18:15 schreef John Fell:

Well if the spurious levels are normal amplitude , this suggests your RX is probably ok and maybe a lump of this freezing fog across the Sea is blocking your signals from UK ?


On Sun, 10 Jan 2021 at 16:48, Rien Eradus PA0JME <pa0jme1952@...> wrote:
Thanks for the info John, I know condx were bad but normally it recovers quickly or there is the occasional plane reflection, but now nothing at all but for the spurious noise from telephone towers.
73 es Rien PA0JME

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