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David Redman

Yes Sam's preamps are excellent for low noise and high gain, just what you need for dish mounted preamps.

Dedending on your local RF signal levels 50 to 1600MHz for terrestrial use and depending on your levels of Band 2 FM, 220MHz ish DAB, UHF digital TV and then cell phones plus reminent vhf / uhf pmr plus pagers  you may need a decent BPF ahead of the pre-amp.
I use Sam's preamps on 2m, 23cms and 9cms EME and they are excellent but be aware for tropo use they are relatively wideband input. 


On Fri, 8 Jan 2021, 17:41 Robin Szemeti - G1YFG, <robin@...> wrote:
Hi Martin,

Sam Jewell's preamps are excellent on 23cm, but you do need to put an attenuator in the output for terrestrial use if you are intending to do contest from a reasonable location, or it does tend to get a bit loud!  These pre's were just a bit of fun really, the 70cm one has a self-adjusting bias ... the 2m one is a little more conventional, with a pot for the bias.


Off topic ...

I'm also planning to use OpenCPN on the boat, when and if I can get back to it, as it is in Wales.  I have shiny new B&G hull sensors and wind instrument,  hoping to drop the NMEA2000 outputs into SignalK and pick them up as needed for the plotters. I'll still keep Navionics on a tablet though, as that works really well.  I'm looking forward to integrating the AIS into that.

I understand the problems of the Helford river, we are in the Menai Strait so have all the fun of navigating the currents and shallows with either The Swellies or Caernarfon Bar to cross to get out.  The boat did not make it into the water last year due to the lockdown in Wales we coudl not get access to finish the tasks and it is locked down again. hopefully this year will be better, as last year was just a complete money pit for a toy I could not use ... my other toy has wings,  that was even worse.

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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