Re: Re elevation on a dish

Neil Smith G4DBN

Many dishes come with a tilting mount anyway, you might find it is easy to use bolts, washers and Nyloc nuts plus decent grease to make a solid pivot, then if the dish is stuff, push against it, or if not, fit an arm to the mount and press against that instead. I tend to use stainless steel shafts running in UHMWPE machined bushes as pivots as there is zero slop/backlash and no corrosion/wear issues.

I've found it useful to tilt up a few degrees to use rainscatter off nearby storms, and to follow planes on the glide slope into Doncaster airport at 2-4 degrees up.  Also my eastern horizon is at +0.5 degrees, and when there is ducting over the North Sea, I find that 1 degree of elevation often gets me into the duct over the top of the 600 ft Wolds and over to Helgoland and Denmark when there is almost nil at 0 degrees.

Same when there is a breeze that tilts the mast/dish slightly, I can just raise or lower the dish to compensate and peak things up.

Neil G4DBN

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