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Thank you very much Neil. The pictures look very comprehensive .
Dave G4GLT. 

On 7 Jan 2021, at 17:53, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:

If you are pushing against the edge of the dish, take care that the dish doesn't get distorted by the actuator when it is windy.

Here is a pic of Tony G8DMU's neat top-fed 1.2m offset, and some things I've fabricated.  Elevation control has made a spectacular difference to my station performance on 10 GHz. Being able to elevate enough to take sun noise readings has been useful as well.

Neil G4DBN





On 07/01/2021 17:02, Dave via wrote:
I am adding elevation on a dish for tropo only (not EME) and wondered if anyone has a photo of the mechanics of it, preferably with some sort of hinge . I have an actuator which has a stroke length of 4 inches. I think the lower part of the dish will have to be pushed outwards. 
Dave G4GLT. 

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