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I think the thrust of it is mainly to stop the Chinese who have been taking the p155 with VAT for years.  I have never, ever had a parcel delivered from China with a correct value declared. It is always £5 gift, or "commercial sample"  ...

I got stung once for the full value of a stereo microscope. I was most surprised. As you say, the Chinese have been exploiting this for years.
collecting it directly on eBay/Amazon etc will solve that, and rightly so.
I've noticed this happending when sending goods to the USA now. The seller is being charged duty on the sale. I always stick prominent labels on the box, stating duty has already been paid, and of course putting the right customs documents.

What I suspect they will do is simply warehouse the goods in the UK, with a low declared value on import, and then pretend to be UK sellers, with a turnover less than the VAT threshold.
That's been happening for years.  If you notice, a lot of the Chinese sellers are offering next-day delivery on items. They can do this as they have warehouses in the UK.

I understand why they have done it, and thinking about it, I can see that if they had allowed packages to be sent VAT unpaid and had UPS or whoever collect the VAT, then the Chinese would have just put "value £5" on everything.

I just ordered a Tesla from the USA  - I bet I get stung a lot for VAT on that. (No, not the car😢😢😢, a Nvidia GPU).

I can't see how the UK are going to be able to encforce this though. What if a Nigerian company does not register for VAT here? What right will the govenment to go after them? This will probably push transactions away from eBay, which is not a bad thing.

For now, I have set up a address, I'll try that and see how it works out. 
I'll have to Google that.

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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