Re: VAT ... it looks like it's going to be difficult.

Mike Willis

No it isn't quite the same in the EU. The UK it's for everyone buying from overseas, the seller has to register for UK VAT. For the EU it's only over a €35k threshold, which is quite reasonable, but even then quite a burden. Because the UK applies it for all values, smaller businesses are already abandoning the UK market and not selling to us any more. The ones above the €35k threshold may well do the same for the EU come July, though that's a much larger market for them and for low value items they won't need to worry.

It won't be long before getting low value amateur kits and parts from outside the UK becomes virtually impossible. As it stands, Ebay's solution means everything will immediately go up by 20%, but many many things are not available through Ebay. They just won't be available at all. On the plus side, at lest the royal mail won't. or at least shouldn't, be charging £8 collection fees for items costing £15.01-£135. They will when there is VAT and duty above £135, that's I think £13.50 fee. Lot's of things will be £134.99 one suspects.
Mike G0MJW

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