VAT ... it looks like it's going to be difficult.

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

Well, having had a guy I buy aerial parts off in Germany decline to supply because of VAT .. I did a bit more digging.

It turns out, that while I thought he was wrong .. he's actually right ... any small business or individual, anywhere in the world is now required to register for UK VAT if they want to sell small ( less than £135 ) items to the UK.

This is absolutely barking mad!  I can't see small suppliers in the USA wanting to register for UK VAT for a handful of sales.  The option of sending it in without VAT being charged at source and then having it collected by UPS/Fedex/whatever has been removed it appears.

This means things like small PCBs for projects like the ones I have ordered for 122GHz from Australia in theory either the amateur in Aus either registers for UK VAT or he cannot send them.

This really has not been thought through ... or maybe it has (in order to make sure there are no leaks through which the Chinese suppliers will slip) and this is just collateral damage the powers that be think is acceptable.

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