W1GHZ Multiplier pcbs

geoffrey pike

A few months ago Sam had some W1GHZ pcbs that he uncovered after a tidy up, i got some of them and just last week 
got around to putting the bits in. Essentially 3 x NLB310 mmic and some passives and two 15mm end stops with 6 BA 
tuning screws.
The pcb can be used a a amplifier over the tuning range of the end caps and performed well at 10.368 GHz, however when 
being used as x4 multiplier the results where very good (well i think so !)
Either 2556 or 2484 MHz at about 13dBm gives 10dBm out at either 9936/10224 MHz. Tuning was very easy and by no means
fussy. also hand effects where notably less of a problem. I will probably need to adjust the tuning when put into a suitable enclosure.
However Paul's axiom of gain is cheap works here as the pcb is FR4 nought fancy at all. So his 3cm transverter designs use these ideas and almost certainly is a very practical way of getting to 3cms affordable. The picture left to right is the ADF4351 signal source followed by a MCL VNA-25 mmic to raise the level for multiplier use and then the x4 multiplier and then off the the meter.
Inline image

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