Re: Auction ripoffs


On 25/12/2020 17:09, militaryoperator via wrote:
Postage should always be charged VAT in the UK, it's the law.    There is no VAT on postage stamps through the Royal Mail, but even so, suppliers should always charge VAT on postage and packing.
> Why does postage get charged VAT?
Because it's the law.
Wow, fantastic that so many are keen on supporting the law.
Obviously, I am in the singularity of thinking if one pays someone for doing something, ie providing a delivery service, then giving the taxman something for nothing seems odd.
You can read the government web site pages about VAT if you want but this from another site summarises it succinctly.

Delivered goods plus postage
When you supply goods by post it counts as a single composite supply for VAT purposes. That means the postage is part of the total cost of the goods and so the VAT rate applicable includes the postage.
It's not a matter of whether I agree with the law or not, it's the law which is what you have been told. If you don't agree with the law, you should take it up with the government and not pick at people telling you what the law is.

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