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Michael Scott

Hi Paul

Many thanks for the information, yes they were the 50mA version. I am very sorry I couldn't remember where they came from, my memory tends to fail me these days!!

I hope you are keeping well, and a Happy Christmas and New Year.

73, Mike.

On 10/12/2020 13:03, Paul Entwistle via wrote:
Hello Mike
I just had a look at the reel they came from and it had the "Manufacturers Part Number" which leads to
If I recall rightly the ones I sent you are the 50mA flavour.

Hope that helps

Paul G8AFC

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Hi All

The chipbank has quite a large number of 3.3 volt regulators in 5 pin
SOT23 size cases which were donated to the Chipbank, and I must
appologize to the donor as I can't remember who it was!

The bag is marked Microchip TC1072/3v3CT713, 3v3 50mA SOT23-5 LDO.

The problem is that the datasheet for the TC1072 says it is a 6 pin
device not 5 pin. The code on the device is C4MA.

Does anyone have any information?

73, Mike, G3LYP

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