DF6NA Rainer

Hi All,

I will sell all my 9cm equipment to raise funds for another project. There is a DB6NT MKU34G2 transverter
(& MKU XO1 PLL Oszillator with 10MHz input) with Toshiba UM2683B driver and DL2AM PA (130 W !).
The 130W PA and preamp are mast mounted and fed with ~15m ECOFLEX15.

DB6NT MKU34G2 (no kit)
MKU XO1 PLL (10MHz input)
MKU 341A Preamp
Toshiba UM2683B Amplifier (can deliver 50W !)
DL2AM 130W Amplifier
ANT Circulator & Load & Filter
Directional Coupler
Coax Relay
9cm Antenna-Feed

If you are interested please let me know direct. Pictures on request.

vy 73, Rainer

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