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Andy G4JNT

I'm still set up for that band after the last cumulative and can leave the antenna on the mast if someone wants to try for a JTxx  DX  KEWZO
I've got a reasonable take off to the NE from Near Southampton - especially now the trees have lost their leaves.

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I think much depend on how much attention is paid antennas and cables.
With an efficient (effective) antenna, even a bare SGLabs 2.5W and 1.7dB noise figure, (very) close to the feed will give some pretty good results on 'normal' troposcatter and anything (within reason) goes in a lift.
Adding a PA to the basic transverter, together with an LNA, complicates matters such that many may be put off. Not to mention the possible cost.......
Hence my interest in what might be possible with the basic transverter and an efficient antenna.
The idea of using digital modulation may not appeal, but could be another way to further increase range.  Especially if we could find an effective method of using it to rival the use of narrow FT8 mode on VHF.  This would probably not suit the contest guys.

73 de Sam

On 6 Dec 2020, at 19:39, ian hope (2E0IJH) <ian@...> wrote:

9cm is somthing yet to dabble would be interested in your results, I have the 23 and 13cm SG labs units and the matching amps, but currently not active on them, until I replace the mast they were on, 
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It will be interesting to see how well it works over our 10-12km NLOS path with low/moderate power.
As far as I know, there is yourself, plus G3XDY and G4FSG locally. I am not sure G3LQR is operational any longer.
G4BAO is around 70km from me and I have worked him on 9cm a number of times, previously.
To the south, G4OGI in Kent, is active on 9cm. I am sure there are many others who are, are were, active within 100km of us.
Much, much, greater ranges are possible, of course, but it always helps to have someone local to test with, first.
73 de Sam, G4DDK
On 6 Dec 2020, at 18:55, Colin Ranson <g8lbs@...> wrote:

Great stuff Sam !


Now engineering up a Hammond box here to match the other two SG-labs transverter and the Iceni.  It used to house a dual band Ukrainian transverter but the box was wasted on that ! I’ll pass that on to a local who can be bothered to use a proper mode.   Priority after that will be an ABS box tucked under the soffits on the shop side with amp/LNA in it

Beauty of 9cm is the smallness of antennas, I am going to try and re-engineer the 2.4GHz TP-Link feed for 9cm as one project, including getting the 73 ele QLY up. 

Father Xmas might bring me a suitable VNA soon as well.


Already mounted the supplied PCB antenna in the East facing window looking at you and John and Martleshambles.




Colin de G8LBS.


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DPD are telling me my transverter will be delivered tomorrow.

Now I have to decide whether to use this one on terrestrial or reuse the G2 Kuhne one, but with the new, external, LO to keep it from drifting.........drift was a real pain, previously.

Reusing the Kuhne does have the advantage that it has a 2m IF and is already suitably boxed with LNA power feed, sequencing, etc.

The disadvantage is that I have to reengineer the EME system for a 70cm IF, using the SGLabs one.


Whichever way I choose, I hope to have something operational around Christmas, even if only low powered, to work the least three within 10km. And a local beacon to listen to. Plenty of incentive.

I do have a suitable linear, LNA and high gain QLY! but I don't see these re-entering service for a while longer.


73 de Sam, G4DDK









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