Re: 3.4G

Andy G4JNT

Why the "Bodger's Approach", John ?
90 degree hybrids are proper way to do it.
(Unless you want wideband operations, and 3400 - 3410 hardly qualifies as wide!)

On Sat, 5 Dec 2020 at 14:28, g4bao <john@...> wrote:
Bodger's approach.....

I use a pair of square Microstrip 90 degree hybrids on Rogers R5870 0.031 inch thick to combine my two Toshiba 40W amps.
Each are in TINY 35mm x35mm tinplate boxes from Alan G3NYK) and use SMA connectors.

I use an external dumpload on the output one and I get around 75W out from the pair of amps I can provide the Eagle 5 PCB file if anyone wants it.
I etched them with Press N peel.


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