UKuG 2021 Contests - Some ideas for slight improvements


Hi John,

I'm re-sending to you my ideas for slight improvements to the UKuG Calendar for 2021, and CC'ing the wider community to see if anyone else wants to suggest some changes, before the final 2021 calendar is agreed by the community and published on the UKuG website.

1) Adding 122GHz to the same day as 24/74/76GHz. So not just activity days but contests with same rules as the other bands that day. 

2) Adding an extra 24/47/76/122GHz session so we have 4 Sunday's to play in 2021. For the 4th session, I'd like to suggest either:

               - Sunday 28th March (to make use of the colder less humid weather), or
               - Sunday 15th August (a summer alternative).

3) Also, is there any chance that we can harmonise the 10GHz rules so they are the same as 5GHz.  On 5GHz there is a single "ALL" section and stations can rove. On 10GHz can you make this the same please (so remove Low Power so its just "ALL" and remove the restriction currently not allowing roving with >1W). Many /P stations like to rove with both bands, so it would make sense for the rules for that day to be more consistent on both bands.

4) In 2020 there were various "Activity Weekends" coloured green on the UKuG 2020 calendar. No one knew what they were?!  I would just get rid of them, or just make them the Sunday, unless there is some guidance on how to take advantage of them??  Were we all supposed to get the gear out and concentrate some casual activity? 

5) I'd love for UKuG to brig back a "Microwave Field Day" in the summer. Just a Sunday when we can choose our bands and just ALL come on, maybe for a natter, maybe to exchange stuff like contest details or postcode or our UKuG membership number if we were all given one (a bit like the WAB book number). ...Just a lovely summers day to get all of the UK on GHz playing radio and publicise what we do across email, Twitter, Fbook etc to get more Hams interested and experimenting - and off HF!  Just an idea for a day to increase activity outside of contests. Maybe a chance for clubs to introduce newcomers to GHz, if we ever get back to what normal was like and not just solo portable! If the Sunday 15th August is not used in 2) above, I would suggest that date.

Thanks for all the stuff you and the UKuG C'tee do for us.


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