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Gordon REASON <gordonj.reason@...>

I'm pretty sure I have some "5000 mA" 18650? cells that have a smaller cell inside ........

have'nt had he guts to open one yet !

On 28 November 2020 at 23:43 Colin Ranson <g8lbs@...> wrote:

uW’ers et al,


12V Rechargeable 3000mAh Li-ion Battery Storage AC/DC for CCTV Camera Battery


A year or so ago I bought the above off the bay with the intention of supplying a noise free 12v to small projects on the workbench.


DON’T !     It turned out pretty useless, soon dropped volts/and would not hold charge.


Just took it apart for curiosity.


Contents – three Huawei 1500mAh connected in series.  Batteries dated 2010.


Caveat Emptor !


Stay safe all,



Colin de G8LBS.





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