Re: Chinese ADF4351 signal source

Andy G4JNT


On Mon, 23 Nov 2020 at 11:57, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG <robin@...> wrote:
I'd concur with the crystals being way off ... I used an external cheap chinese "golden" TCXO and I have to say it is solid as a rock in terms of frequency ... during the low band cumulative, the TCXO refused to come at all ... when the contest finished, it sprang into life!   I discovered if turned all the fans off in the shack, and listened very carefully out of the window, I could faintly hear Andy JNT laughing in the distance ...

The actual Chinese 4351 boards seem fine .. you must check the value of the charge pump resistor though and make sure you set it the same in your software programmer.

On Mon, 23 Nov 2020 at 11:45, geoffrey pike via <> wrote:
That's a good price, apart from spectral purity which varies alot with these boards in general
it may be worth checking the minimum frequency step as some are as high as 100 KHz
and you may need to consider an external ref also as some of the on board xtals are way off

On Monday, 23 November 2020, 10:35:27 GMT, Richard Ferryman via <> wrote:

I have been looking at a Chinese signal source using an ADF4351 and sold for around £30.  This one has a large LCD display and several functions and looks to have an SMA connector for an external reference but the spec doesn't say much.  I am looking at it a general signal generator for my QO-100 activities.  Does anyone use on of the boards and are they of any use??  Are there any really bad sides?
Dick G4BBH

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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