Re: KST ghost hoards?

Conrad, PA5Y

Then they are very naughty operators or most likely forgot due to old age. I forget to set no here sometimes.


How much time did you actually waste? You seem to be overreacting a little.




Conrad PA5Y




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Sent: 22 November 2020 19:15
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] KST ghost hoards?


The simple answer is that you might be interested to know what has happened while you have been "away". 

I don't see a problem with setting your status as away if you just want to monitor activity, your callsign is in brackets so everyone is aware. 


Pete, G4CLA.


Not everyone it seems. I wondered what the brackets around a callsign meant. One should learn something every day. 


Still, unfortunately, none of those I wasted my time on today had any brackets whatsoever!


Cheers, Pete.  Ben.

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