C17A Globemasters reflect well

Neil Smith G4DBN

I was checking the path to GB3CSB on 10 GHz and saw a plane on Airscout. Didn't check too closely, but when it was over Barnard Castle, there was a super reflection lasting almost 18 seconds. I checked the plane type and it turned out to be a damn great hulking C17A. I'd elevated the dish 3.5 degrees and that seemed to be the peak, as the plane was at 30000 ft and only 90km from here. I tracked it over a couple of degrees azimuth, but the signal dropped rapidly.

I'm hearing a sniff from GB3PKT and KBQ (at 340km).  CAM is about S2, so not exactly stellar conditions. No sign of anything from EU. GB3OSW is absent, which is unusual as under normal conditions I can see if via troposcatter over the Peak District. Actually, if I screw my eyes up a bit and boost the waterfall contrast to max, there is a faint smear where I'd expect to see OSW.

After the obligatory transmission to Mow Cop WebSDR to listen to myself on 3cm, I'm going back to making stuff until the troposphere bucks its ideas up a bit.

Neil G4DBN

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