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Roger Ray

Mark, I think it is x4 only. But it is possible to hit it harder at 11..G . I think 50mW may be possible.

On 13 Nov 2020, at 12:26, Mark GM4ISM via <gm4ism@...> wrote:

Hi Roger

Have you tried hitting the Pasolink multiplier  with 23.5GHz,  x2?

 I'm hoping for maybe a little more than the 15mW for the CSB Beacon.  I have some 100mW 23GHz Power amps from old Siae links, they don't go up to 24 but work fine at 23.5

On 13/11/2020 10:09, Roger Ray via wrote:
Sorry forgot to mention high pass filters. I don’t think you will find anything in wr-28.
I did find some wr-28 style flange, but wr-22 band pass filters centred on 50GHz a while ago. But not any lately. 1296 is good idea for IF though, it would make a home constructed filter easier.

On 13 Nov 2020, at 09:12, John Lambo <pa7jb@...> wrote:

Hi Roger,
Do you have a photo off this switch?
And i wonder if any one made a highpass filter in WR28 waveguide for 47ghz?
I want to use 1296mhz as IF
Thank you for reply...

73  John  PA7JB

Op 12-11-2020 om 20:05 schreef Roger Ray via
Hi Barry, I need to draw it really. However if you look down on the switch, with the antenna port at 12.00. The mixer rf port is on the 3.00 wg switch port. The wg 6.00 port connects to waveguide going round to the mixer LO port. The Multiplier connects to the switch 9.00 port.
Tx . the LO links to Ant port.
RX . Ant connects to mixer RF, plus the Multiplier connects via waveguide to mixer LO port.

I hope that makes sense


On 12 Nov 2020, at 18:31, Barry VE4MA <ve4ma@...> wrote:

GE Roger,

I don't understand how you are configuring  the WG switch to do that?  I assume it is a standard 4 port switch without the thru position? Can you explain a little more?

Best 73
Barry VE4MA


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