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Neil Smith G4DBN

I think it must have been Keatleys where I bought some brass for a 3cm wavemeter in 1976, while I was living in Birmingham. Nice to know they are still around. Their website is a bit last-century, with no pricing or online sales, but they do offer delivery.  Is that the usual "we've got our own wagon and we'll drop off within 25 miles radius" sort of thing?

I'd like to find a decent supplier of the high-strength 7xxx aluminium alloys and C109/C111 free-cutting copper, as well as Naval Brass. I can get C101 copper from Aalco or Smiths and the fancy stuff from Metelec, but it is very spendy from them. I've also bought Tellurium copper and Sulphur copper and free-machining CW114C from S&D Non-Ferrous in West Bromwich <>

Neil G4DBN

On 09/11/2020 18:31, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG wrote:
Hi Michael,

They are indeed still in business, although perhaps moved a few yards to the left of where you once saw them,  and are now in the old chapel at the end of the row.  You can still find an assortment of scrap, and a vast array of specialist brass, bronze and copper.

I use a chap in Worcester ( GW Metals and Tools) who is an absolutely lovely chap to deal with and will procure whatever you want from Keatley and keeps a good stock of the various specialist stuff like copper foils, brass meshes etc.

There is an absolutely fascinating history to the old building Keatley were in,  which I came across through my other hobby of shooting. As you are no doubt aware, they are located close to Birmingham's gun district,  and the building was once the home of the Abingdon Gun Works, makers of the "Swinburn-Henry" rifle, a close relative of the Martini-Henry,  and amongst other things the AKD brand of motorcycles and the famous "King Dick" brand of spanners.

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