Re: Limitation of Portable Operation in the UKuG Low Band Contest 15th November 2020

John Quarmby

Hi Alwyn

Both of these examples are in the open air, where recreation is permitted. Most portable operation at this time of year is in cars or other enclosed environments.

The guidance indicates that travel other than for essential purposes should be avoided, in my view taking part in amateur radio contests when it is possible to enter from a fixed location would not qualify as essential travel.

I do not think that UKuG should encourage operation which could be seen by the authorities as not within the the current covid-19 rules.


John G3XDY

On 06/11/2020 15:39, alwyn.seeds1 wrote:
Dear John,

I note that the government has, today, issued revised guidance for metal detectorists to apply during England’s lock-down.

If the government has no objection to fishing and metal detecting going on during lockdown, to say nothing of horse riding, I really cannot see why the government would object to /P operation.


Alwyn G8DOH

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