ian hope (2E0IJH)

I've got a Q5 Digi-LO that's coming out of my 144mhz Transverter if that's any good for this sort of thing,, currently on 116mhz but has wide range if you read manual, Phase noise was not low enough for me on 144mhz.

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Is this the 108.xxxxx MHz OCXO?
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Following the generocity of friends on this forum and Brian G4NNS's PIC programming skills I now have the MK1 GB3KBQ  beacon on test using the RDDS board.

I am using the original 27 MHz crystal  which means that the keying is not very crisp and I am not sure that it would support JT4G

So the next quest is the matching UKuG G8ACE OCXO ..I have aquired the PCB layout but if there were a pre-printed board or complete OCXO out there it would make things a lot easier!

The Ever optimistic G4UVZ

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