Re: Coax for dish feed (suggestions please).


Hi Mike, I'll be looking  for it, I would expect to hear it on RS at the 2W level, possibly not at 20mW.  Path looks excellent, only 236dB troposcatter loss.  You may be able to hear me on troposcatter on the beacon antenna if there are no local obstructions  Alan GM0USI/P copied me (no rain)  at 190km on the Isle of Skye a couple of weeks ago on a bare LNB,  troposcatter PL was 246dB to him!

Please confirm frequency. If you want to set up to listen, I can pop a carrier to you at 50W almost any time. If you run a 35cm+ dish in my direction, I think it will go every day.

On 05/11/2020 09:12, Mike Webb wrote:
Im in the same situation as Andy for 10ghz need a feeder with sma's about a metre long so I can get a beacon on the air and keep all tx indoors. Otherwise hope the waterproof boxes I have remain that way. Its feeding a 20 slot waveguidein a radome which I believe should give 160 deg horizontal coverage. Hope to get a carrier only one going this weekend about 20mW and then within the month one using FT290 and Demi Transverter at about 2W and see how long that lasts. Any special frequency preferred to GM/GI coverage - If it gets to any G's Id be amazed but reports would be appreciated replies to 10Ghz@...



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