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Martin Phillips G4CIO

Yes and no re the preamps.

If you're using the preamp with a low NF transverter or receiver (like the SG labs tvtr) you can get away with quite a lot of cable loss after the preamp. With a mediocre nf receiver you'll still need low loss coax to avoid degrading the nf by much.

10 dB should be enough gain in the SG labs tvrt with its low quoted nf unless the following rx is very poor indeed.


On 4/11/20 10:19 PM, militaryoperator via wrote:

The only trouble with SG Lab tranverters is the low rx gain, 10db. The Kuhne ones have 20db.

The SGL amp for 23 and 13 has an LNA but again, only 10db.

I think Mr H really needs to improve that on his next designs.

There's also a problem with timing on the rf v ptt switching, if you run the pa off the ptt there's a double kick in the pa dropping and going back to rx. 

I have the 23, 13 and 9 units and they are very good save for the above caveat. 

Ben G4BXD 

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