Re: Coax for dish feed (suggestions please).

Clint Sharp <cjaysharp@...>

I saw that, it's scary expensive but it is an excellent spec cable.

I'd question the need for ultra low loss, phase stable lab grade cable specced to 26.5GHz for 9 and 13cm?

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Yikes ! 1m of 104 terminated in SMA’s is £511 +vat from Farnell !


Colin de G8LBS


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From: Andy GD1MIP
Sent: 04 November 2020 09:50
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Coax for dish feed (suggestions please).


I am putting together two dishes for 13 & 9cm. 

My plan is a multiband Vivaldi feed with an SMA connector to an SMA on a transverter mounted on the rear of the dish, currently 3w max power, but may go up to 10w later.

So I need two  roughly 1 to 2m lengths of the  lowest loss coax I can afford. Succoflex 100 has been suggested. 

Are there any better options and suggestions of a source?

Thanks Andy GD1MIP 


Clint. M0UAW IO83

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