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Paul G8KFW

Hi Neil regarding shipping

Are they going to charge for packing ?
and how much will the shipping be ?

Regards Paul

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Always a risk, buying from generic auctions. I think the PNA, SpecAns
and other high-end kit are going to be "fun" buys, given that you either
have it pieces in a cardboard box via Parcelforce, or strapped to a
pallet in a wagon with pallets of bricks, concrete breakers and other
clean-room qualified items.

I might have a punt on one of those enormously-heavy cast-iron surface
plates, they would have to try hard to damage that.

Neil G4DBN

On 03/11/2020 14:38, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG wrote:
I have bought Marconi heads from that auction before,  it is "sold as
seen, no guarantees" ... the head I have came from there, with a fresh
calibration sticker sealing the end cap on, but I am beginning to
think it is knackered.

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