Re: AVANTEK Amplifier Module

Colin Ranson

Hi Ken,


I have two of those ‘beasties’ with a ‘welded’ lid but they are 25w., also marked 3.7 – 4.2GHz, no makers name. They both came out of ex-BT 19” rack mounts with 2 huge heatsinks, one for the PSU unit which provided +12v from -28v and the other for the amp – probably ran 24/7/365.


I also have a 15w 6.2GHz unit from the same stable.


I tried a milliwatt or so in from a sig genny and the amp got hot, so did a 25w 3.5GHz rated dummy load..... alas nothing to measure power with, from memory – a least two years ago – it pulled about 8 amps.


I may well get a friend to mill the lid off.


If you, or anyone,  have any info I would be grateful.


Best regards to all and looks like another enforced period in the shack coming !


Colin de G8LBS.




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From: Ken G3YKI
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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] AVANTEK Amplifier Module


I have a 15W PA 3.7-4.2 GHz which had a (very neat) welded lid. I eventually decided it had to come off which proved to  be quicker and easier that I expected on the mill. In fact it had a conventional screwed down lid underneath, so no need to replace the top.
For the purposes of "anti-tamper" it sure beats a tiny plastic "Warranty void if broken" sticker over one of the screws!


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