Re: AVANTEK Amplifier Module


It's a laser weldedlid then..................

You may have to VERY carefully , drill just , through the lid , a hole , offsett near one end , and use something to ease the lid off ..... ore better still , find someone to mill around the edge of the lid ..............

On 31 October 2020 at 12:05 DougF VK4OE <uwaves@...> wrote:

That's a good suggestion Paul, and I've struck before that method of tidying up manufactured things.  But in this case, having peeled back about half of the label, it certainly seems like there are no screws under it.

The more I look at it, it seems like the top plate may be held in place by a continuous spot welding process around its perimeter.  More careful and determined investigation will take place tomorrow....

Thanks and cheers, --Doug, '4OE.

On 30/10/2020 10:40 pm, Paul Randall G3NJV wrote:
Probably a rather obvious suggestion but does that label hide a screw or two?



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