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I had been holding out for David Minchin's 122GHz thing, but I am not sure what's become of that. It looked excellent in Dubus and I think would be my preferred solution for 122GHz,  I think it is getting closer, but I think they keep tweaking it, so it's not got nearer a release yet.  There is probably a group or forum for it, but I've not managed to locate it yet.

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The following will appear in Scatterpoint shortly:

A UK Microwave Group Online Lecture streamed by the BATC

Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 20:00

Chris Whitmarsh G0FDZ will be presenting his guide to the millimetre waves in this online talk. He will cover all aspects of the millimetre bands including users, propagation, antennas and feeders, basic equipment for each band to 241 GHz and beyond, and finish with mentioning the use of SDR for identifying weak signals.

There should be something in the talk for everyone from beginner on the millimetre bands to expert. However, there is no heavy maths or theory to blow your mind!

The talk will be streamed on this URL:

We look forward to welcoming all to the talk.

Please put the 9th December 2020 in your diary for the next talk in this series.


John G3XDY

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There was mention of some zoom or such on  using 122Ghz soon. 

Where and when?


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