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I had a special three section boom made for my 112 element 'Blowtorch' QLP to enable shipping. I also provided my own trombone support.

When I tried to bring the original back through Dallas Fort Worth airport I was told in no uncertain terms 'you're not bringing that on here'

I got Kent to take the original back to DS and for DS to send me the new three piece boom, which ws then short enough to airfreight to the UK. I was able to bring the other parts of the antenna home with me!

73 de Sam

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They may do a decent discount on 9cm loop yagis now the US have lost the band, but heaven only knows what the shipping would be.

Neil G4DBN

On 29/10/2020 14:04, Andy GD1MIP wrote:
Folks, I have now got transverters running for 13cm and 9cm. I have successfully used them with small PCB yagi's. My ultimate goal is to make a feed to a NOS 1.2m Andrew dish sitting in my shed, mount it on a trailer and go /P. A real winter project.

But for now a quick option would be premade yagi's centred around 2320.200MHz and 3400.100 MHz.
Can anyone recommend a company producing yagi's of at least 30 elements?

Thanks Andy GD1MIP

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