Re: 2320 PA Modifications?


Sig get in, 28v connected, 50db attenuation to power meter. Odd readings though. 
I get about 1.3A standing on the right side, 0.4A on the left. 
The circulator is still in place and best o/p was at about 11dbm in. 
Power meter read 0.16mW, which at -50db is 16W? but, the 50W 30db attenuator was getting very warm, the amp case was hot and the heatsink, as was the o/p connector, an sma socket soldered to an smb? or whatever plug plugged into o/p socket. I think there was more power than I'm measuring for some reason.

I was right to think I had more power than I measured. Dumbkoff here just looked at his lead to power meter which still had attenuator attached. I thought I'd used a 20db with my good 30db one.....but........ its another 30db one. 

So, seems I had 160W coming out of my amp, no wonder it was getting hot!

What do they say, measure twice, cut once?

I'll get the hang of this hobby soon. 


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