Re: 10Ghz last night


My 50cm dish was up at 60ft above ground,, 13cm Yagi at 75ft. QTH is 700ft asl. Clear in nearly all directions.
IC-9700, Kuhne transverter, DL2AM PA, 5w, Procomm dish/feed, GPS locked, Positional accuracy around 2 degrees. 
73 David G4ASR

Sounds good David. I was hoping to have 4W on 3Cm as there were some pa's being offered, unfortunately, seller must be, how can I phrase it in PC terms?,  "having problems". 

Supposedly ex big wig in now-defunct ham radio company but did not even know his own PayPal account details. Come to think on it, might well have been a scam. 

So the search goes on for a bit more power for 3. 


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