Re: 10 GHz RSGB AC tonight

Neil Smith G4DBN

I should be on 3cm unless the wind gets a lot worse.

Forecast suggests isolated heavy showers over North Yorks, which could be good for RS into GM/GD/GI. South-west also looks good.

I am blocked by trees in the direction of IO91 and parts of 92, so will be looking for scatterpoints over towards Shropshire/GW.

Happy to do ultra-slow CW with lots of repeats for anyone who isn't a native CWer, or use the permitted digimodes for anyone so inclined.

I will always listen after completing a QSO on my run frequency before swinging the dish, and will try to remember to give a QSY frequency if it is someone else's run freq, so if you hear me in QSO,  please feel free to shout. I'm not doing any other bands, so it isn't like I'll be busy. I'm always happy to try even hopeless-seeming paths and wildly off-axis reflections and backscatter.

IO93NR08, 10 W to a 95 cm offset at 13 m agl, KST and Zello.

Neil G4DBN

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