Re: New user to 13cm an 9cm. NOV question for UK use.

Chris G0WUS

You will be surprised some times how well these bands travel. Maybe that you rx us but we do not rx you but still always worth a try.

Also think conditions maybe a bit dire so dont be put off if its a fail.

Try listening for Leicester Beacon on 13cms 2320.955 +- drift

73 Chris G0WUS

On 27/10/2020 10:27, Andy GD1MIP wrote:
Chris will do.

I may yet be stopped by the weather. 50 mph winds, but dry is the forecast.  Wind I can deal with, but rain... nothing is in a water resistant case yet. 

I'll have 3watts maximum.  3 ele yagi on 13cm, 5 ele on 9cm. Just one contact would be nice to show they work. You may be too far, but I'll meep you. 

Andy GD1MIP 

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