10 GHz RSGB AC tonight


I could be out tonight for the first tests of my 10 ghz gear.  I will be at Thrufield IO92XA.  I have a few things to tidy up,  I have copied the local GB3CAM  via rain scatter so I know something is working.  I have received my TX signal on a Bernie Box and my HB power meter suggests over 100 mW at the waveguide to the PW penny feed dish so QRP really.  Frequency stability is not locked but good enough from tests I have done in shack (I know, top of hill is a different).

What is the calling frequency generally used?  I hope to have KST of some sort.  It would be nice for this "first" just to hear any stations, is there a list of who will be on?  I have copied some callsigns from previous contests and their locators and calculated bearings.  Should be able to do SW round to NE fairly well towards E path is obstructed and I know 1.3 ghz works but low signals from there.


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