New user to 13cm an 9cm. NOV question for UK use.


Folks, I have now got working transverters for 13cm and 9cm.
Only 3 watts to small PCB yagi's, but a start (1.2m dish next).

I plan to try them out tomorrow (27/10/2020) in the UKAC as hopefully I may hear someone. That lead to me checking the band plan.
As a full licence holder,  as  I understand it...

13cm.   Is split into two sections.
2300 - 2302MHz is an NOV area only with no IOM / GD access. So not for me.
2310 - 2450MHz  No NOV required  or IOM restriction.

3400 3410MHz again no NOV or IOM restriction.

Have I got it correct?  If so I hope to hear some of you soon.

Thanks Andy GD1MIP

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